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Chris MArco Flores
The Weight is over 
The Best Weight Loss Company in North Devon!
Where we transform people from an Unhealthy weight to a Healthy weight
One dress size at a time...
 Want to learn How to change your lifestyle, not just your diet?
TWO ways to go through 
'tHE wEIGHT is ovER, aCADEMY' 

If you are local to Barnstaple, you can join our weight loss facility and go through it in person.


If you are not local to us you can access our program through our fillable booklets. We will deliver these to your doorstep.

These booklets are a step-by-step process and take you through The Weight Is Over, Academy weight loss journey. (Day one do this, day two do this etc.)


We also have an option where you can access our online portal which it guide you through our program with videos, pdf and live support from our experienced weight loss coaches (This also includes the fillable booklets) 

The Weight is over

By reading this book it will give you a proven method to help you lose weight and how you can make sure you never put it back on.

Reviews have said that it is a very easy read and helped give them a kick start with their weight-loss journey.
Chris Marco Flores
A message from our founder...
Every adventure starts with a step. Our program has helped 41 people lose over 1,400lbs within 6 months.

The reason why they were able to do this, is because we do not sugar coat your weight-loss journey.

Throughout our Weight-loss program, we will push you out of your comfort zone, there will be times when you won't be able to consume (foods/drinks) when you want to, you will most likely have to exercise at times when you don't want to, there will be times that you will want to quit, there will be times that you will think it is not working...

But if you put your trust into myself and the team we will get you through it all, even if you don't believe it yourself and we promise you, the results are worth it.

I'm not saying this to scare you off. We enjoy helping change people from an unhealthy weight and to a healthy weight and we are very, very good at it. 

That is why I would like to be honest with you from the beginning and telling you that this weight-loss journey is...

Very hard! And will most likely be the hardest journeys of your life. 

We have a personal mission to put a dent in the overweight epidemic to help transform a lot more people who are overweight and to a healthy weight.

Anyone can do it and every adventure starts with a step.

Don't be scared by what I have said, however, do be prepared.

We look forward to working with you. 
My Story
My life truly began at the age of 16 when I enlisted into the British Army. Although it was hardest thing I've ever done, it has been my most rewarding life experience that has shaped me into the person I am today.

The British army pushed me beyond my limits and helped me achieve things I didn't think was possible. They helped me reach a level of health and fitness that made me feel like a mini superhero. 

I enjoyed the experience so much that it made me want to challenge myself even further, so decided to enlist into the U.S Army. This resulted in me pushing my mind and body to a whole new level.

As I gained an incredible passion for health and fitness, it drove me to becoming a personal trainer so that I could help others who feel like it's impossible to be fit and healthy.  I want others to gain the same levels of health and fitness as I have. Without having to join the military and undergoing the extreme training.

Since 2014, I have dedicated my time and energy to researching, developing, testing ,and refining a weight-loss programme that will become someone's last ever weight-loss journey. by focusing on changing people's lifestyle so they can finally lose weight and keep it off.
" One Stop Place with everything you need in order To Lose Weight Once And For All..."

2010 - After I just jump out of a plane. Whilst with the U.S Army

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