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Come & join,
The Weight Is Over, Academy
This is a new Weight- Loss Centre  In Barnstaple 
ONLY for people who have 2 or more stone to lose. To go from an unhealthy weight and to a healthy weight. 
Watch the video to find out more. (Who's it for, prices, times, etc)
The Weight Is Over, Academy Weight-loss centre.
We are now open! Come and give us a go.
Location: Mill Road, Barnstaple (Behind the back of Barnstaple rugby club)


Every Adventure Starts With A Steps. 

Types of Classes
Times and days

What's included:

  • ​Online portal, to access all the information. (Nutrition plans etc)
  • The Weight Is Over, Weight-loss meetings.
  • ​The Weight Is Over, Exercise sessions.
  • ​Private Facebook support group and community.
  • ​Nutrition plan/s 
  • Health & Fitness ​App.
  • ​Accountability tracker.
  • ​Mentoring & coaching.
  • ​Weekly challenges
  • ​Much, much more.

Two types of classes

1. The Weight Is Over. Exercise classes.

These exercise classes are designed for anyone who is at the beginning stages of fitness and turn you into gazelles ha! Do not fear because if you feel like you have zero fitness levels, a lot of our clients start off with walking and we progress accordingly.

Types of classes

2. The Weight Is Over - Weight-loss meetings. 

We do not do any exercise in theses classes. In these classes, we sit down and focus on helping you go from an unhealthy weight and to a healthy weight and the way we do this is by working on and through the 5 vital activities.   
  • Mindset - If you are in a great mindset you will be able to achieve anything. If you are in a bad mindset, you won't achieve anything.
  • ​Challenges - Challenges, will help take your attention away from weight loss. By completing challenges, it will help you understand what you are capable of and weight-loss will become much more achievable.
  • ​Nutrition - we will create nutrition plans with you so that you can start living a healthy life naturally and it doesn't matter if you are cooking for a family we will help you so that it fits into your lifestyle.
  • ​Exercise - Everyone is different, so we need to know what you will enjoy and what will benefit you the most, even if you don't like exercise right now (We will change this, and that is a promise)
  • ​Planning & preparation - Fail to plan, plan to fail. We will put a plan in place that will minimise the risk of falling off the wagon.

Note: We are only doing the 5pm and 6pm classes in Feb 2023. In March we will open all of the other classes.

Note: The Open Day Session can be used for someone's first session to be welcome into the gym and to be guided on the right path (You don't have to use this as a first session and can jump straight into the fitness classes if you wish) 

LIMITED SPACES ONLY! Don't miss out, when they are gone they are gone.

Prices. (these are the early bird prices - so don't miss out!)

Choose how many session you would like to do a week. 

You can mix and match your session in-between the fitness classes and the Weight-loss meetings (These are like the slimming world classes but better).

 If you DO NOT know what to choose and you are a complete beginner. I would highly recommend that you pick 2 sessions a week and plan to do one fitness class and one 'weight-loss meetings' each week.

1 session a week £30 a month - No contract
2 sessions a week £35 a month - No contract
3 sessions a week £40 a month - No contract

Anyone who signs up before the 6th of February will receive a free 

'The Weight Is Over, book' 
'The Weight Is Over, foundation fillable booklet'  Which includes: nutrition plans, accountability tracker, mindset challenge and much much more.
Grant access to your own private portal so you can start straight away

If you have two stone or more to lose, This will be the BEST place to help you with your weight-loss journey in BARNSTAPLE and the most value you will ever receive for this price - You can talk to any of my clients and will be able to vouch for this

 We Have Been Helping People Since 2014.

LIMITED SPACES ONLY! Don't miss out, when they are gone they are gone.

FEEL THE FEAR And do it anyway

EVERY ADVENTURE Starts with a step

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