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Purpose of Each Mission
Page 16 of the book
In this video, I will teach you the purpose of each mission taught in the book. 
The 100 Emotions
Page 61 of the book
Being able to identify what makes your hormones tick and when, gives you an advantage and helps put you in control of your body.
This 100 emotions task will help you identify what unhealthy nutrition you use to suppress your emotions.
The Mindset Challenge
Page 174 of the book
Allow at least 40 minutes for this challenge
Having the right focus and clarity before starting their weight-loss journey is crucial for anyone starting a weight loss journey to achieve their goals.
This challenge will teach you how to  create a powerful and unstoppable mindset.
30 Day Push-Up Challenge
Page 209 of the book
In this video, I will teach you how to take on the 30 day push-up challenge. 
The Weight is Over Program
Page 204, 220 & 270 of the book
Over last 8 years, I have been meticulously crafting a Body Transformation Program that has helped hundreds of people escape an unhealthy body and to a healthy weight...

...all without starvation diets or unreasonable lifestyle changes.

I call my masterpiece 'The Weight is Over' and it is considered to be the ultimate fat destroying machine.

WARNING! This Program IS NOT for everyone!

I confidently stand by my results and I guarantee that my clients will lose inches, but they MUST be serious about starting their journey.

The greatest thing about it all, you can come and try it out for. But you must be willing to work.
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