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The Weight Is Over, Academy 
Foundation - Booklet Delivered to your door

The Foundation Booklet
  • Booklet: We will send a copy in the post and delivered to your door.
  • 5 Vital activities:  Mindset, Challenges, Exercise, Nutrition and Planning & preparation.
  • Nutrition: 2 nutrition plans with shopping lists
  • ​​Instructions: Step by step guide.
  • ​Community: Option to join our Facebook private group to get support and accountability from others who are doing it.
  • ​Whole foods ONLY: ​NO MAGIC PILLS OR POTIONS. There are no meal replacement shakes or supplements to take throughout It is all whole foods that you will buy from your supermarket.
  • ​This plan will not only lay the foundations towards your weight-loss journey but it will become your weight-loss bible. 
  • ​We have had countless people go from a size 22 - a size 12 with this process. I could reel off endless of achievements that this process has been able to help others, but it just shows that they have followed the process.

If you are not sure this
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This Weight-loss Foundation Booklet 
Will help you decide

9 Reasons Why 
This The Greatest Weight-loss Booklet That You Want Delivered To Your Door.

Reason No. 1 
It is a physical booklet and something that you can hold and write in. It's not something that is just sent to your emails. A post man will put it through your letter box.

Reason No. 2
Inside it is a step by step guide that will tell you exactly what to do and when. You will lose between 4 - 12lbs within the first 7 days. You are given shopping lists, meal plans, mindset exercises and so much more.

Reason No. 3
This is the exact process that I have been taking my clients through over the past 10 years. This process is the reason why people have lost 9 stone, cancelled gastric bands and achieve things they could only imagine.

Reason No. 4
We will be telling you what to track & measure and when by using the fillable measurement tracker in side the booklet. 

Reason No. 5
You will be given additional support by myself and professional coaches where you can ask any questions along the way.

Reason No. 6
You are going to be apart of an awesome supportive and powerful private Facebook community.

Reason No. 7
This Weight-loss booklet will become your bible you will be able to refer back to it until you are at your goal weight. Just like Michelle did that helped her go from a size 22 to a size 12.

PLANT THE SEEDS TODAY And Reap The Rewards Tomorrow

FEEL THE FEAR And do it anyway

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